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About Us

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We are a team of credentialed art psychotherapists and supervisors with over 10 years of experience working with individuals, organizations and within the community, our services range from working with individuals, to larger groups, across the lifespan.

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Choose Us Because

We offer our clients an integrative approach that is grounded by the principals of personal growth, empowerment and a person’s sense of agency for creating sustainable shifts that allow them to lead the lives they want.



Life Transitions
Interpersonal Issues
Finding Purpose
Anger Management
Grief & Bereavement
Trauma / PTSD
Stress Management

& Community

Organizations & Community

Corporate Workshops
Customized Workshops
Community Arts Projects

& Teens

Child and Teens

Self-harm & Suicide Ideation
Identity Development
Finding Purpose
Anger Management
Trauma & PTSD
Anxiety / Depression
Stress Management

& Couples

Families & Couples

Conflict Resolution
Family Dynamics



Gender Identity
Gender Dysphoria
Coming Out to Loved Ones

Clinical Hours
Groups & Workshop Hours
Years in Singapore

Art Therapy

What is it and
how can it help?

In a nutshell?

Art therapy is a transformative approach that combines the healing qualities of art with the theoretical underpinings of psychotherapy and neuroscience.

Through the use of various art materials and techniques, clients are invited to explore their inner world, gain insight, and become masters of their own lives.


What Our Clients Say

A safe, cozy and colourful space. I have tried therapy in other places but have only returned to DCT. Thanks to Rachel for creating a safe space and supporting me with the necessary tools to navigate life !


Wonderful safe space, judgement free zone. Always feel better after a session.


There’s nothing to feedback on, I’m very happy as things are. I couldn’t ask for more even if I tried


Art therapy has been an eye opening experience in assisting to express emotions that otherwise would be hard to be put into words and it also provides more avenues to decompress and channel your thoughts and emotions into.


I liked how patient Rachel is when it comes to my issues and what I’m dealing with. To have someone shed new lights and perspectives, with a calming energy and voice is exactly what I need to live my life.


Art Psychotherapy

Community Arts

Corporate / Group Workshops

Dementia Care

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