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The team at Daylight Creative Therapies focuses on the relationship with our clients by supporting and being alongside them through their journey of self-discovery.

By emboldening our clients in the creative process and the therapeutic alliance, we endeavor to encourage personal growth and well-being in our client’s lives.

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Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy, which involves clients using art materials for expressive purposes to facilitate insight and emotional well-being within a therapeutic relationship with an art therapist.

The images created in therapy offer the client a focal point in which to examine and become more aware of their inner selves. Both client and art therapist work alongside each other to develop and explore the clients’ art process and form.

Art therapy is a dynamic process that utilizes creativity in varied domains from how we view ourselves to how we relate to others.

This modality stands out as it values creativity in all bio-psychosocial domains of the therapeutic encounter; to be creative is to dare to overcome limitations, to challenge one’s self, to discover something new, to be inventive, or to reinvent one’s personal narrative.

Duration: 60 minutes
All sessions are by appointment only.


Techniques may include (but not limited to):

• Visual journaling
• Process-painting
• Dream work and intuitive imagery
• Character development in doll making
• Play and sensorimotor engagement
• Poetry and creative writing
• Narrative therapy and storytelling
• Schema therapy or archetype work

What you can expect in the 1st session:

    1. Fill up a short intake form.
    2. Discuss what has brought you to seek counselling/psychotherapy.
    3. Engage in active exploration of your needs.
    4. Share only details that you are comfortable with.
    5. Ask questions.
    6. Decide on the frequency of future sessions.

*All sessions are private and confidential.