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The team at Daylight Creative Therapies focuses on the relationship with our clients by supporting and being alongside them through their journey of self-discovery.

By emboldening our clients in the creative process and the therapeutic alliance, we endeavor to encourage personal growth and well-being in our client’s lives.

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Children & Adolescents

Counselling and Psychotherapy for children and adolescents is intended to help young people (and also their parents or caregivers) situate themselves in stories of development that are sustaining and enhancing within a strong therapeutic alliance with a credentialed therapist. Therapy with young people are designed to be holistic and flexible enough to help them navigate the complexities of attachment, identity, social existence, and bolster agency in his or her world.


Types of therapies and techniques available:

• Art Therapy
• Counselling
• Dance Movement Therapy
• Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)
• SandPlay Therapy

Capacity: 1 participant
Duration: 60 minutes


At Daylight Creative Therapies, we are trained to conduct therapy and counselling in the following issues:

• Anger management
• Grief and Bereavement
• Trauma
• Regret or Loss
• Anxiety (General or Social)
• Depression
• Melancholy
• Stress (Sense of uncertainty, loss of control and/or lack of motivation)
• Loss of vitality (Never experiencing oneself as alive and/or free)
• Fear of abandonment
• Feelings of never being good enough
• Life transition issues
• Interpersonal issues
• Understanding personality
• Finding meaning and purpose