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The team at Daylight Creative Therapies focuses on the relationship with our clients by supporting and being alongside them through their journey of self-discovery.

By emboldening our clients in the creative process and the therapeutic alliance, we endeavor to encourage personal growth and well-being in our client’s lives.

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Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that looks at the relational dynamics, patterns or systems of behavior of the family unit. The aim is to understand and improve the systems of interaction between family members thereby reducing distress and conflict. It is not always necessary to have all family members in the room.


Types of therapies and techniques available:

• Art Therapy
• Counselling
• Dance Movement Therapy
• Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)
• SandPlay Therapy

Capacity: 2-6 participants
Duration: 90 minutes


Family therapy can be helpful for

  1. Building awareness, empathy and understanding of self and in
    relation to family members.
  2. Improving communication between/among family members
  3. Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries
  4. Fostering cohesion and effective problem solving through understanding of family patterns and dynamics


The specific number of family therapy sessions depends on the situation and type of family therapy (the average may range between 4-20 sessions, at 90 minutes per session).


Sessions are pro-rated and cost is dependant on duration of the session.