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The team at Daylight Creative Therapies focuses on the relationship with our clients by supporting and being alongside them through their journey of self-discovery.

By emboldening our clients in the creative process and the therapeutic alliance, we endeavor to encourage personal growth and well-being in our client’s lives.

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Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an auditory intervention which increases the feeling of safety – allowing improved regulation, behaviour, and engagement with the world. Backed by two peer-reviewed studies published by Dr. Stephen Porges, it consists of hourly sessions over 5 consecutive days.

Who is it for?

This intervention was developed by Dr. Stephen Porges for adults or children affected by trauma, anxiety, developmental disorders, including autism, who experience difficulties with social engagement, auditory processing, hyperarousal, and emotional regulation.

How is it used?

The SSP can be used to reduce defensiveness, avail the individual to therapy, and even accelerate the therapeutic process. As clients listen to a collection of filtered music, the SSP aims to retune the nervous system to bring about a sense of emotional safety, which opens the door to self-confidence, social interaction, and successful learning. Currently, it is only available in the clinic setting, ask your therapist how you can have access to it.

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Duration: 60 minutes
All sessions are by appointment only.

Available in English only


“We have tried so many other things with minimal help. We just never got to the core of the issue. The SSP got to the core”
– Parents of an adolescent with PTSD


“This program helped my son with sleep, self-calming (getting over things faster), sitting during activities where he is not directly engaged, expressive language, and being increasingly “tuned in” to conversations around him. Thank you!”
– Mother of a 14 year old with autism


“There seems to be a better sense of control about my emotions and as sense of balance and calm. It has been extremely rewarding to be more deliberate and aware of my reactions. This changes has improved the communication and conflict resolution in some of my most important relationships.”
– 53 year old with lingering struggles following the death of her husband.