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The team at Daylight Creative Therapies focuses on the relationship with our clients by supporting and being alongside them through their journey of self-discovery.

By emboldening our clients in the creative process and the therapeutic alliance, we endeavor to encourage personal growth and well-being in our client’s lives.

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Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay therapy is a non-verbal play, expressive, sensory-based, and projective mode of psychotherapy that uses sand, figurines, and water.

Sandplay focuses on intra and interpersonal issues through the use of play and the creation of miniature three-dimensional worlds that illuminate unconscious material such as challenges and struggles the person may be facing. This form of therapy is conducted in the protective presence of a trained therapist.

Sandplay therapy can be used with adults, adolescents, children, and families.

Duration: 60 minutes
All sessions are by appointment only.

Available in English only

What you can expect in the 1st session:

  1. Fill up a short intake form for yourself and your child.
  2. Discuss what has brought you both to sandplay therapy.
  3. Engage in active exploration of your needs.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Decide on the frequency of future sessions,

*All sessions are private and confidential.