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What Our Clients Say

I'm really glad to have found Rachel and Daylight Creative Therapies in my time of need and it has allowed me to better process and navigate my thoughts and emotions. It is also an added bonus to have seb ajushi around! 😀


There’s nothing to feedback on, I’m very happy as things are. I couldn’t ask for more even if I tried


A safe, cozy and colourful space. I have tried therapy in other places but have only returned to DCT. Thanks to Rachel for creating a safe space and supporting me with the necessary tools to navigate life !


Wonderful safe space, judgement free zone. Always feel better after a session.


Rachel is such a warm person, allowing me to open up so easily and share things that are normally hard to say out loud. Have recommended daylight to multiple peers.


DCT has been my best therapy experience. Rachel is wonderful and I have not gatekept her but recommended her to friends as well! The studio is warm and homey and a very safe space.


Art therapy has been an eye opening experience in assisting to express emotions that otherwise would be hard to be put into words and it also provides more avenues to decompress and channel your thoughts and emotions into.


Always enlightening and fruitful sessions with Rachel. Learnt a lot more about myself, coming into awareness of my own blind spots and finding ways to work towards it.


I liked how patient Rachel is when it comes to my issues and what I’m dealing with. To have someone shed new lights and perspectives, with a calming energy and voice is exactly what I need to live my life.


My first visit to Daylight Creative is in 2021 with Ms Rachel. Ms Rachel has made this first visit very comfortable and cosy. It is not like the typical lie on couch kind of therapy session as art is invovled 😝. Going to therapy is still very much a hush hush thing. But I would like to appeal to you all, should you want someone to listen to you without prejudice or you prefer to speak out using art, give Daylight Creative a try.


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