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Welcome to

the Studio Space

A space dedicated in nurturing creativity, fostering imagination and connections, and expression through the art and dialogue.

It is a safe and inclusive space where individuals can come to explore their inner selves, express their emotions safely, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to join us and begin on your meaningful journey of exploration and development, under the guidance of our credentialed art therapists.

Join us in this space, let the exploration begin and unlock your potential, one step at a time

Our Story

Our Beginning

Birthed from an idea
of creating a safe and client-centered therapy space, Daylight Creative Therapies (DCT) was founded in 2016 by Rachel & Dawn.

From our one-room shared studio, we have since moved into a larger space with 3 rooms and continue to witness shifts and journey with our clients as they find meaning
in their therapeutic journey with us.


Taking Time to Grow

In 2022, we moved to our new space and have taken advantage of the extra space and dedicated some time to a gentle, organic growth of the business.

During this time, we have gone beyond the traditional approach to providing care from a single practitioner and focused our attention on creating a holistic oasis for healing where multiple practitioners work together.

Our Aspiration

Our mission is to provide contemporary,person- centered and accessible mental health care in a safe, and supportive environment either in our studios or off-site.

We strive to empower and support our clients, and their caregivers and to promote their well-being while fostering growth, healing, and resilience.

The Future

As DCT continues to grow, we strive to continue to be cred- ible, approachable, and thorough in our approaches with our clients and partners.

As credentialed art therapists, we actively attend supervision and engage in therapeutic support of our own to ensure our clients receive the best possible care.

Our team has increased our availability, connected with potential partners and are in the midst of creating more comprehensive services.

Our Team

Rachel Yang, MA, AThR

(Principal Art Psychotherapist)
  • Art Psychotherapist, MA Art Therapy, Credentialed Clinical Supervisor
  • Adults and Teens

Rachel Yang, MA, AThR

Ishi, MA, AThR

(Art Psychotherapist)
  • Art Psychotherapist, MA Art Therapy
  • Children and Community

Ishi, MA, AThR

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to provide a dynamic and contemporary therapy service and a space that is both welcoming and healing and that reflects our philosophy and values.

Our therapy services endeavor to ensure everyone has the opportunity to harness their potential and gain mastery over their lives.

Our mission is to support our clients in unlocking their potential by providing current evidence-based approaches, empathic attunement and creative experiences that support and empower them while they process, grow and thrive towards their fullest potential one step at a time.

Our Affiliates

We believe in working collaboratively with our vendors, colleagues and associates.

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